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1995 stat – AIDS is #1 killer of Americans 25-44. How common is HIV (HIV thought to cause AIDS) Texas University = 1 in 100 students Other estimates as low as 1 in 20 It is an epidemic of HIV – epidemic of AIDS maybe a few years off. Like Russian roulette. Condoms = Planned Parenthood cites 15.7 % failure rate, other estimates = 26% or more (effectiveness at preventing pregnancy) Effectiveness against AIDS? AIDS virus is smaller than smallest detectable hole in latex – found holes in surgical gloves that AIDS virus can pass through. Probably condoms do little or no good. Study of married couples using condoms – 17% got AIDS from infected partner in 1.5 years. ABSTINANCE until marriage and marrying non-HIV positive spouse is only the safe approach.
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Unformatted text preview: Must have 1 test every 3 months for year to be totally sure (hospital policy). Even if dont get AIDS, hundreds of other STDs, a number are untreatable. 20 are rampant among young people. Painful, sometimes kill. Is sex the only way that AIDS is spread? NO! Needles of HIV positives (nurses do get it, usually by recapping needles) NIMH booklet also states it is passed via: Anal or oral intercourse Open mouthed kissing Contact with blood or other body fluids Shared razors, toothbrushes (can be contaminated with blood) Saliva and tears contain HIV virus, but no evidence at present virus can be spread that way. What makes for a happy marriage? Marital Bonding, Don Joy says. Stages of Bonding: 1. 2. 7. 8....
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