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1. Boundaries Open (input & output to those outside family) Closed (barriers to outsiders) 2. Roles – a position in system, gives identity. Birth order, gender, worker vs. player, etc. Roles can change, but often similar in same group (change if change groups) 3. Subsystems Parental Sibling 4. Hierarchy – usually both parents over kids, and one kid over another. (Must control, but can’t eliminate) Not just cause and effect (behavioral, mechanistic). Some value in this, but more complex. Feedback (Balswick’s Theory) Four kinds of feedback within system: 1. Simple exchange Behavior consequences Aquilla & Priscilla Gal. 6:1 Someone caught in sin Gal. 5:15 Don’t bite & devour Withhold positives or deliver negatives to attempt change. Good ideas – Norm Wright. E.g. Go to church & get good meal (my family). 2. Cybernetic control Output from system is monitored and produces correction
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Unformatted text preview: Built in self-controls excess I Zones norm of I Experimentation Deprivation If zones are too narrow, always correcting. Family as a whole does correcting, not just one person. e.g. go to church norm. Skip Wed. night or Sun. night or Sunday School. If skip more than 1, family creates feeling of shame (excessive amount of time for self) If must go every night of revival, family makes parent feel bitter & angry (deprivation of their time) System works as a whole to bring a balance (homeostasis) keeping of norm. Norms can change but continual deviation one way or other gradually go to church more or less often. To avoid change, may use third approach. 3. Morphogenetic family system creates new ways of responding to achieve goals of family. If cybernetic does not work, or if New situation (Requires flexibility)...
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