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Writing (notes in the lunch, suitcase) Men may be able to write feelings better than say them Touch (depending upon family) Giving time & space Gentle confrontation If they have changed but can’t tell how, then say “Have you lost some weight?” Blake Neff (former head of Toccoa Falls College Communication dept.) speaks on communication in marriage & emphasized: Need to separate the vital from the urgent . Urgent makes the evening news, but it may not be important 20 years from now – or even a month from now. Reading kids a story at night may have lasting impact for generations, watching TV just wastes time. Communicating vital to whole family, not just the urgent things – deadlines for class projects (take 5 years for degree) Influence of television – makes us expect quick solutions. Get divorce if can’t work it out in a
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Unformatted text preview: few weeks – on TV constantly – see 30 minute & 60-minute solutions. Two-hour movie solves almost any problem, a huge problem takes a miniseries! Makes us expect quick solutions in marriage. Might not be quick or perfect solutions the way TV indicates. Problem of parental bondage. Bible repeats many times – need to leave family and cleave to wife. Many still in bondage to parents as adults & in marriage. Bible says children obey parents (not adults) Bibles says honor parents, but not always obey. Honor parents by listening respectfully, carefully & thoroughly considering advice, but obeying God, not parents. Jesus said he came to turn people against parents (bringing division) (Luke 12:51-53). Parents not to take place of God. Taxonomy of Games Norm Wright videos...
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