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familypsych-page33 - Rev 2:4-5 Campolo – in counseling...

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Females tend to: Expressing love Best marriages marked by spouses that express love equally. Usually husband is less expressive. Need to say the words “I love you” at least once a day – reminder of vows, reminder of worth. Consistent with Christ – asked Peter if he loved him. Must remind spouse. Must be verbal as well as actions. What if don’t feel love? Need to act to love – love involves action, not just feeling. Feeling tends to follow action (self-consistency principle). “Return to first love” = “do first things”
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Unformatted text preview: Rev. 2:4-5 Campolo – in counseling tells spouses to treat each other as if felt love for one month. Usually restores the love. Love is the action! (feeling is secondary). A spouse can make a good friend & even a great love, but they always make crummy gods. In modern society, feelings of romantic love replace ecstasy from relationship with God (yet humans can never fulfill the need for God). M.Scott Peck – love for anything is an attempt to replace hunger for God. Need to combine love & rationality in mate selection....
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