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3. A means of close emotional ties with other – enduring relationships (fellowship) – “It is not good to be alone” God says. Gen. 2:18 4. Gives us a place in society – “married” is a social status 5. We can pass on the faith – one of strongest predictors of adult faith is faith of parents. Can evangelize own kids early. 6. Can grow spiritually – conflict often required for growth. 7. Presence of kids tends to stabilize a marriage – at least while they are younger (Landis p. 232) but if child is born before marriage it decreases stability of marriage – and teens tend to destabilize marriage. 8. Helping each other (Ecl. 4:9-12) stronger together, can overcome temptations because it’s not just you (“Where 2 or more are gathered”) – more settled. 9. Better decisions when work together – brings more than person’s experiences. Both men & women report higher levels of personal happiness after marriage. 3/5 report marriage is very happy . Much better physical health if married – several studies show. See David
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