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Married women at least 4 times less likely to be victim of violence than never married women, and 30 times less likely than separated women. Marriage also reduces violence against men. Single men are also much more likely to commit violent crimes. Health benefits of living in a family Statistical advantages of marriage Marriage in Bible In early Israel, expected to marry within the clan – ideal was to marry first cousin. (Jacob goes to Laban to get Rachel & Leah) Actual wedding was a week long celebration (Fiddler on the roof) – bride taken to groom’s house. Procreation was basic to marriage – no children was lamented; concubine or second wife usually because of barrenness (lack of kids assumed to be woman’s fault). Women tended to get married between 13 & 18. (at or before puberty – Koteskey) Marriage of virgins on Wednesday – if no evidence of virginity, husband goes to court on Thursday. Widows married on Thursday. During Rabbinical period early marriage was encouraged, one said man had
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