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Good reasons: * * * * [and many others already covered earlier] “Life as a lover” by S. D. Gaede Make a marriage contract related to: Finances, children, career, residence [buy, rent, how expensive], friends, household tasks, faith, name change, inlaws, former spouse and kids (if any), sex, vacations, privacy, educational goals, how often to change or renew contract. Getting Married “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.” Pr. 18:22 Trend towards more men than women of marriageable age, thus marriage becoming more popular (multiple partners more common if more women than men) Isa. 61:10 – getting dressed for marriage (prepared) Degrees of Marriage:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Common law marriage stable union without ritual or legality. Sometimes given legal standing. Palimony suits are initial recognition of common law. Why used? Culture may socially require expensive wedding. Solution at our school in W. I. = big wedding for graduating seniors getting married (at least pastors became married) Doesnt require 7 years, just a public recognition that person is a spouse. Recognized in 11 states (if live in one of those it is recognized in other states) Only one week living together in one court case. 2. Legal marriage contract aspects, financial obligations, etc. 3. Sacred marriage before pastor/priest/rabbi, religious ceremony...
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