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Major increase in number of women in workforce 67% of mothers with kids under 18 are part of workforce, 50% of women with kids under 1 year are working, 57% of ???????. But this is a bit misleading: includes part-time employment & seasonal employment (e.g. only at Christmas). 25% of married mothers work full time year around. Dobson program 3-21-90 (Washington Post ) But there has been a dramatic increase in employed mothers in last 50 years, only 9% of mothers with kids under 18 were part of workforce in 1940. Parent absence greater, yet less likely to be near extended family. Less support More use of agencies for kids While some fundamentalists emphasize husband as boss, & wife as just going along, more & more emphasis on “In Christ there is no bond or free, male or female .” Gal. 3:26-29 Equality in power is probably most common practice among evangelicals – work together to make decisions, not husband decide & wife go along.
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