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Many women frustrated by lack of opportunity to minister in churches. Not a liberal/conservative issue. Wesleyan & holiness groups – very conservative – have long encouraged women in ministry. We need women’s gifts in church! If one holds that women should not be able to minister to men (good scholars on both sides) and If that positions ends up being wrong, Then Those who have forbidden or discouraged women from ministering will be held accountable for the lost souls and lack of spiritual growth that results. 2 Other areas of adjustment – finances, freedom, friends, everyday norms. (roll or squish toothpaste, toilet seat up or down) Now an alarm buzzer for husbands! Need empathy – how does spouse view it – not just his/her opinion, but why he/she sees it that way (parent’s roles? broader philosophy of marriage?) Do we deify marriage? (Herwaldt, CT
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Unformatted text preview: April 9, 1982) May be reason for high divorce – expect too much Christians may see it as ultimate, not really adult till married (contrary to Paul’s writing – value of singleness in I Cor. 7) Marriage is human institution (given by God, but worked out by humans), this flawed. Temporary – not in heaven. Purpose – a bit like a class, growth is purpose. Marriage is not totally fulfilling – must not expect spouse to fulfill needs Marriage is not for everyone. (singles are not secondary) Stronger Family via Commitment The Lord is my strength. Ex. 15:2, II Sam. 22:33, Ps. 18:2, 28:7, 118:14, Isa. 12:2, Ps. 46:1, 81:1 Strength in trouble. Ps. 37:39 My strength is made perfect in weakness. II Cor. 12:9 Strengthen things that remain. Rev. 3:2 Do all things in Christ which strengthen me. Phil. 4:13...
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