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We want a deeper bond, but afraid to promise unconditionally “What if it doesn’t work out?” Without commitment, marriage lacks power to fulfill. Compromise on vacation, doing things together (even if don’t like some of them) 3) One flesh – beyond just contract, companionship. A deeper understanding. Not just a covenant and stick it out to end. A new communion . If really bonded, the promise “to death do us part” is superfluous. Much like parent-child bond – if child is sick, parent feels the sickness; feels child’s joys more than our joy. If get divorced – each is incomplete if really bonded. Unity & diversity, rarely seen. “Mutual toleration” more likely. Eph.4, I Cor. 12 Sharing activities, each partner tries to get into activities spouse enjoys, trying to enter his or her world and see their perspective. (Fabric stores vs. Radio Shack) Becoming one flesh is calling of Christian – a challenge and goal. See marital bond as part of larger bond of kingdom of God.
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