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Double standard: males have sex before marriage, girls not desired for marriage if not virgins. (Some felt women should not be interested in sex – may cause problems responding in marriage.) Sex in Marriage Need to talk about sex even before marriage – one of biggest problems after marriage is not being able to talk about sex openly. (also easier to talk with kids if natural to talk with each other). Need to talk about what feels good during sex (not just after). Prepare for sex prior to marriage: Exam by doctor of woman to be sure she’s physically ready for sex. Common for newlyweds to have bladder infections – due to introduction of new bacteria. Body soon adjusts to bacteria, medication can help build antibodies. Need to prepare for sex before starting sex: Clean (smell of car oil not a turn on), look good. Jim Darris: prayer before sex is great turn on (gives new meaning to “Sweet Hour of Prayer”) Need playful attitude, not performance centered. Focus on fun, not techniques or evaluating,
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