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Sometimes refusal is manipulation – rewards & punishment. Yet, if angry, need to resolve before having sex (woman especially links sex with good relationship, man tends to isolate them) Wives = don’t use sex to get your way. Husbands = don’t use wife as sex object (focus on her pleasure). Girl – emotionally involved. Conclusions Don’t be dictated by sex manual – variations don’t always make better sex. OK to experiment, but don’t overemphasize technique. Any taboos? None stated in Bible. Must not violate own conscience or spouse’s – must be mutually
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Unformatted text preview: satisfying. One taboo (I think) – pornography (porn decreases arousal to normal stimuli, requires greater & greater extremes) Affection is not always preliminary to sex – because of lust. Balswick says don’t be spectator. Probably means don’t overemphasize technique. Dearborn hotel: mirrors OK Sex problems due to Christianity? NO! Plenty of problems in non-Christian tribal societies – circumcision of female so little response. Healing sex problems takes time & may take counseling. Often must back up & learn pre-intercourse skills. Alpha Marriage...
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