Familypsych-page49 - Sexual abuse widespread among Canaanites Romans O T emphasis on discipline is one aspect balance with N T emphasis on not

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2. Parental responsibility: Key ideas in Proverbs about children [Longman] Campolo on rituals In Bible: Breast fed until 3 or 4 years; boys considered adult at 13 years. (bar mitzvah) and girls at first menses. Father had responsibility of educating kids, including religious education. N. T. era – synagogue developed and thus boys were educated there. Jesus welcomed children – in contrast to a lot of people – even said must be like child to enter heaven in Matt. 18:10 . Welcoming a child is welcoming Christ. Matt. 18:5 O. T. sounds rough, but it is positive contrast to surrounding culture. Killing children common sacrifice to gods (Molech) Ray VanderLaan Videos
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Unformatted text preview: Sexual abuse widespread among Canaanites, Romans O. T. emphasis on discipline is one aspect, balance with N. T. emphasis on not embittering children or exasperating them (Eph. 6:4, Col. 3:21). Even O. T. says children are a blessing. (Ps. 127:3) Great Book: Precious in His Sight by Roy Zuck (childhood in Bible) Need to wait before having kids To work out marriage roles (before adding parental roles) How long? 2-5 years before first child Don’t have kids until you have a strong marriage – children add stress, they don’t “hold a marriage together.” Contraception How many kids?...
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