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Symbolic interaction emphasizes construction of self, and construction of our mental worlds . Choice is part of constructing (very Christian). Contrast with some psychological theories that overlook choice. We are made to live in community (self is constructed via interacting). Very biblical concept Dr. John Boucom [notes from video] Family Traditions Crucial to make family a top priority in life. Even for pastors and missionaries? --2/3 of pastors have children under age 18 --yet George Barna's research of pastors found 1 in 10 admit their families suffer greatly because of their ministry. 4 of 10 say it is somewhat more difficult for family because of ministry. Easy to let ministry take the place of strong family life. Seems spiritual -- God's work first. But we forget family is God's work before church. I Tim. 3:4 & 3:12 qualification for church leadership = managing own family; implies involvement with family on regular basis, not just boss.
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Unformatted text preview: Example of putting church before family -- my grandfather, who neglected his family while pastoring. Even put money for baby's milk into the offering. Rarely at home, when at home he was harsh and demanding; very legalistic. Result -- two sons left the faith, brilliant men but antagonistic to faith. Others in family with emotional problems. Sounds spiritual to put church first, but easy to forget I Tim. 5:8 = If don't provide for own family, and especially immediate family, worse than an unbeliever. Paul Meier talks about pastors (and others) who become workaholics to impress other people, not to please God. Need to be an example by being involved in family, even if it means saying "no" to church sometimes. More likely to change people by example than great sermons (I Tim. 4:12) -- Paul talked a good bit about how he was an example, but also commented on his poor speaking...
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