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familypsych-page52 - ability It isn't easy when church...

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ability! It isn't easy, when church people are constantly asking for more, but many pastors burn out quickly (often just three or four years before changing to another profession) because try to do too much. [need to let church members do more, but that's another conference] Providing for family (I Tim. 5:8) -- what does this mean? Just finances? Paul Meier says it is much more, need to provide spiritual influence. Clearly in scripture: a central passage for family life is Deut. 6:6-9 [it is obviously central because it is only portion of scripture where it says to write it on the doorframes of house, tie it to your hands, and hang it on your forehead (6:8)-- orthodox Jews literally do this]. Very important! = Talk about God's commands when sitting at home, walking on road, lying down, and rising in morning. Basic idea -- faith is central to everyday life with family, not something done on Sunday. Kids more likely to adopt your faith if it is part of everyday life; it gives focus of meaning for all of life.
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