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Unformatted text preview: -holding hands for prayer -kneeling in prayer -altar call for everyone at end -songs before sermon SMALL GROUPS: Will break up into small groups and discuss church rituals and traditions. Appoint a note-taker to report to whole group afterward. Key question: WHAT ARE SOME RITUALS AND TRADITIONS AT YOUR CHURCH? WHAT EFFECT DO THEY HAVE ON GROUP AS A WHOLE; WHAT GOOD DO THEY DO? [List some of the traditions.] What is the effect of these traditions? Dr. Stan Gaede, a Christian sociologist, emphasizes that church traditions make people feel a part of something bigger, they feel like they belong. They symbolize the group. They also reinforce the values of the group. They put clothes on values; you can really see them in action, not just abstract. They also bring a predictability to life. Tony Campolo says that one reason Jews continue to have a strong Jewish identity, even if they leave their faith, is because of their traditions and rituals. But it is not just the traditions and rituals at the synagog that unites them, but the practice of traditions and rituals...
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