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familypsych-page54 - Most close knit families have...

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Most close knit families have traditions. For example: --Sunday afternoon walk (or picture albums) --open Christmas presents on Christmas eve (or C. morning) --Christmas cookies --birthday parties, or favorite food on birthday --story at bedtime --new clothes on Easter or dyeing Easter eggs or egg hunt --stories told about extended family members (even black sheep) [Curran emphasizes importance of preserving family legends; they are central to preserving the distinctiveness of the family; even the black sheep of family show the importance of what is not valued by family] --Wednesday is leftover night --Homemade pancakes on Saturday morning (my Dad made them) --take down Christmas tree on New Years/ put up tree on Thanksgiving --pretend to hate Mom's goodnight kiss --going to grandma's house for Christmas Lots of others possible. SMALL GROUPS--WHAT WERE THE RITUALS AND TRADITIONS OF YOUR FAMILY OF ORIGIN? WHY WERE THEY IMPORTANT? ANY SPECIAL MEMORIES OF THOSE TRADITIONS STAND OUT? WHY? [Share a few in large group] One of things we want to
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