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--Fifth festival = feast of trumpets (second coming in New Testament announced with blowing of trumpet) --Sixth festival = Day of atonement; biggest celebration of the year, Jews say that the book of life is opened on that day (Revelation speak of the last judgement when books are opened) --Seventh festival = Feast of tabernacles -- living with God for eternity There you have it -- all of church history in a nutshell, and all in proper order in Leviticus, over a thousand years before church history began! Celebrating these Old Testament holidays can be a way of introducing rich traditions and rituals into your family life, a richness that is both ancient and yet fresh and new to most Christians. Brenda did a great deal of research on these holidays, using both the Bible and many Jewish sources. Especially interesting is how messianic Jews (Jews who have become Christians) see Jesus in the holidays. Most of notebook is collection of handouts on the meaning of each holiday and ways your family can celebrate them.
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