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Meier, Paul, and Donald Ratcliff, Child-Rearing and Personality Development (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker) -- we talk talk about traditions on Christmas and Easter on pages 120-123. Neff, Blake, and Donald Ratcliff, Handbook of Family Religious Education (Birmingham, AL: Religious Education Press) -- will be out later in 1995, I did a chapter on child-rearing where I talk about celebrating Old Testament holidays and other kinds of family rituals. Rekers, George, Family Building (Ventura, CA: Regal) -- Meier's ideas about workaholics. Richards, Larry, Children's Ministry (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan). Trueblood, Elton, The Recovery of Family Life (New York: Harper & Bros). Children and Religion (Spiritual Development) Very important area, most people don’t know of research in this area. Great need for church to minister here: Large majority of Christians come to Christ before end of teen years.
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Unformatted text preview: Kids reach parents better than the church. Average age teens report being saved = 10 (Barna) We put 90% of funds into reaching adults, but 90% of responders are kids & teens. Growing, healthy churches have strong children’s program. But usually unconventional “organized chaos” – let them be kids, not little adults (Barna) Baby boomers coming back to church because of kids. (Lack of good program = no returns) We will emphasize: 1) research of characteristics and 2) what to do. Before Birth Pleasant, healthy pregnancy. Minimize trauma to mother. Give child a good start. Pray, church classes, reading books. Infants & Toddlers Faith is undifferentiated – not “faith in God” but faith in parents & environment generally. Faith builds on object permanence – Piaget. (Things exist even if not immediately present). Bible says faith is “evidence of things not seen.”...
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