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Faith builds on trust (Erickson) – need a trustworthy environment. Need consistent caregivers – mother & father, not all day baby sitter. Parents that take care of needs – trust in God (later) related to trust in parents now. Initially parents seen as divine-omnipotent, seem omniscient, etc. Can last into toddlerhood & preschool years. Affect (feeling) is primary with baby because lacks language. Robert McDonald (Christian psychiatrist) says affective memories developed in infancy (and even before birth) affect psychological development later. Also influences spiritually – need memory healing of non-linguistic memories (difficult). Mary Ann Fowlkes Interaction games (peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake, tickle-hug, I gotcha) are foundations for community interaction – develops mutual bond & involves mutuality/synchrony. They are also basic to community ritual-saying prayers together (Our Father), saying cried or responsive reading, choral singing in church. Changing diapers & feeding rituals – do we
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  • Fall '10
  • Omnipotence, Mary Ann Fowlkes, Need consistent caregivers, need memory healing, community ritual-saying prayers

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