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Denomination Relates to being Catholic or Protestant to God, nothing more. Prayer Vaguely understood, often recited as formulas (”now I lay me”) but sometimes spontaneous – real picture of child’s thinking. At age 6 beginning to realize God doesn’t always give us what is asked for. Death Not seen as permanent = Jesus rising from dead no big deal. What should be done? Tell Bible stories that are least likely to be distorted. Keep it concrete, not abstract. Pray with child – parent be good model of concern for others. Make it short, help child see need for forgiveness (salvation possible, but don’t push it until school aged). Don’t lie to kids – Santa Claus, tooth fairy, etc. May come to doubt ideas about God if you lie. (“Just pretend” affirms fantasy but recognizes it) Avoid stories of violence & witches/goblins – instills fear
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Unformatted text preview: Be active in church with top-notch program for kids Handbook of Preschool Religious Ed. School Aged Ages 6 - 10/11 Concept of God God associated with strength and goodness. Visualizes God in terms of outward appearance (white robe, long beard, etc) God is powerful, unpredictable & doesn’t love everyone. God sees people as all good or all bad (no mixture). He judges by concrete rewards & punishments (death, fire, blood). Eph. 5:1 90% sense God as near (only 55% of teens). God regularly bypasses natural processes to accomplish His will (adults see God using natural process). Prayer Prayer is magical – say it the right way & you’ll get what you want. Immediate answers expected. (As child I prayed for a tree to move, disappointed when it didn’t). Requests central....
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