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Church Defined as the building God lives in, believes adults attend out of habit, for rewards, or for protection. (Adults = church defined by activity = worship – not place). Denomination Distinguished from nationality, associated with rituals and other actions that occur. Adults = denomination linked with beliefs. Baptism Seen as very literal action, hard to see symbolism of death & resurrection Conversion/Membership Seen as something you do, not a commitment made. As a child I repeatedly went forward – wanted to know what more I needed to do . About age 5, I asked why preachers made altar calls. Father said they received spiritual blessings for it. I thought preachers got money from someone for each soul saved! (shows distortion of ideas) Bible Stories seen as just stating actions, not abstract truths. Very literal, often overlook central ideas.
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Unformatted text preview: By age 9 or 10 make concrete applications of analogies & parables if very well known area. (seed & sower – if very knowledgeable of farming). Fisher of men – if know fishing well. Poor teaching of Bible related to decrease in interest in religion – poor teaching may be worse than none at all. Suggestions 1) regular devotions (Bible study & prayer) preferably with family or parent, brief! Make it rewarding, stay ups for devotions 2) discuss need for Christ – many 6 year olds can genuinely repent & be saved 3) encourage Bible memorization (rewards good), as long as they can understand. 4) encourage conscience development, taking sins to God for forgiveness, saying “I’m sorry”. Spanking 5) Christain camps & VBS & Jr. Church are good Teens...
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