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Gallup (Jan 1992) 96% of teens under 16 believe in God 88% of 16 & 17 year olds 86% of teens believe Jesus is divine More adult view of faith: Human traits attributed to God are analogies God can say “no” to prayers Major clash between faith & scientific worldviews – begin to doubt miracles. Church attendance declines – peak of decline is 13 –15 years. True in many cultures. Still strong interest in religion – need to reach teens outside church setting. Exceptions to trend away from religion: Pentecostals, holiness, Mennonites & conservative churches More separated from society 75% of teens pray at least sometime 44% of teens read Bible in private Symbolism of Bible best understood about age 13 or 14 (Moses stood on holy ground – younger kids say ground had holes!)
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Unformatted text preview: Race White fellows attend more than black guys, black girls more than white gals. Conversion more likely among adolescents? Possibly if given right kind of appeal, part of identity quest. May also reject faith as part of identity. Age & interest relevant appeals needed. Parents influence church attendance most, peers influence youth group attendance most (need to work with teens that are leaders). What to do 1) Maximize parental influence by a. consistency in belief & behavior b. strong support and control (intimacy, not harshness) c. religious practices in home d. happily married e. parents agree on beliefs f. younger parents g. good relationship with child Mother influences religious commitment and experience most, father influences religious behavior most....
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