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Child-Rearing Do parents share childcare? Most say they want to, but only a small number take an equal role to the mother. Problem: people take little time for their kids ("marginalized") Latch key kids also – little contact with either parent – church could help provide care) Need parents with kids! Job may need to take second place (“The Daddy Truck” – CT June 16, 1986) Spending Time Together Stinett’s second characteristic of healthy families Everyday activities. Best memories not always expensive or complicated. Common goal & working together toward it Making things happen, going places & doing thing Anderson paper July 30, 1992 study: 70% of Americans have dinner with kids at least 5 days per week (more likely with younger kids) No time with kids due to low priority of family. What takes the time from family? 1) Workaholism – definitely takes time from family. Goal is to impress others. Pride. Need to do
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Unformatted text preview: less outside, more in family (Dobson, Meier both had this happen) UGA doctoral program, changed to Ed.S. 2) False guilt – learn to say “no” to other commitments 3) Potential hostility – if refuse others. Dr. Payton – some people bleed you dry, then spit you out when used up & look for someone else. If people reject you due to priority on family, they aren’t worth having as friend. 4) Painful insights – if slow down, may see things in self I don’t like. Schedule time for family – quantity, not just quality. Guidelines: 1) make it fun for everyone 2) time with each child alone (date) once/month 3) date your spouse once/week 4) develop & include extended family nuclear family too fragile, extended family took up slack in past. Now if grandparents nearby, tend to be wrapped up in own concerns. Often family is far distant. Church takes up role of extended family? Other families helping each other out....
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