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Also evidence of judging self by achievements later, later learning problems, fatigue, illness due to stress. Churches need to give daycare, but also warn of dangers. All day = most dangerous (full time working parent). One half day may not be bad if mom isn’t worn out the other half. Four General Styles of Parenting: 1) Authoritarian Set expectations, absolute standards that can never be questioned. No explanations for rules. Very rigid approach. Danger of cruelty 2) Indifference Undemanding, unresponsive, minimal involvement with kids. Very common today – TV and school raised kids, parents at work or preoccupied with selves. Only do parenting tasks if convenient (usually isn’t) Danger of neglect 3) Permissive No standards, may try to reason with child but no force, allowed to regulate self. Used to be very popular with psychologists & society in general, but many psychologists have moved from 3 to 4 (many parents from 3 go 2) Danger of indulgence 4) Authoritative Definite rules & guidelines, but explanations given, discussion oriented, flexible parents,
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Unformatted text preview: but parents willing to enforce expectations. Individuality of child encouraged. Danger of overprotection Which is Best? #4 children are more independent and responsible. Kids need expectations, yet also need good communication & flexibility. Control & support encourage acceptance of faith. #3 children tend towards dependency. Boys more likely to be hostile (even sociopathic), girls withdraw & have low goals. Can’t tolerate frustration. #2 produces aggressive, demanding children (possibly sociopathic at extreme), at least in early childhood. #1 parents tend to produce kids that are dependent and withdraw, sons are more hostile while girls have low goals. Kids more likely to develop externalized religion, not internalized. Discipline of Children Dobson emphasizes a basic characteristic of kids = willful defiance . Not listed in development tests. Basic to child’s nature (linked to inborn sin/depravity, carnal nature – likely reason it isn’t in secular texts)....
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