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familypsych-page67 - Parents shouldn’t get all the blame...

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Not really a limit at all. Inconsistent. Not good at setting own limits until older & have had practice keeping limits. 12)Restitution – Discipline (positive & negative) must follow swiftly & surely – inconsistency leads to confused kids. (laughing one time, punishing next). Explain why before & after. Punishment from parent who is usually close & loving is more effective than punishment from distant parent. COMMUNICATION IS CRUCIAL. Be sure you reward child more than punish! (Don’t have to be material rewards – praise – but don’t overuse praise).
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Unformatted text preview: Parents shouldn’t get all the blame – choice. Discipline is not just punishment, also encourages responsibility. Adolescence A vague stage because it doesn’t physically exist Only about 100 years old – in most non-western cultures doesn’t exist today, and never existed before 1890’s. End point extremely vague – end at age or driving? Voting age? Legal drinking age? Marriage? Leave home? Adolescence itself is vague – so teens try to define it via extremes in behavior (music, hair, etc) (Like boy without fathers who go to macho extreme)...
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