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Not really a limit at all. Inconsistent. Not good at setting own limits until older & have had practice keeping limits. 12)Restitution – Discipline (positive & negative) must follow swiftly & surely – inconsistency leads to confused kids. (laughing one time, punishing next). Explain why before & after. Punishment from parent who is usually close & loving is more effective than punishment from distant parent. COMMUNICATION IS CRUCIAL. Be sure you reward child more than punish! (Don’t have to be material rewards – praise – but don’t overuse praise).
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Unformatted text preview: Parents shouldnt get all the blame choice. Discipline is not just punishment, also encourages responsibility. Adolescence A vague stage because it doesnt physically exist Only about 100 years old in most non-western cultures doesnt exist today, and never existed before 1890s. End point extremely vague end at age or driving? Voting age? Legal drinking age? Marriage? Leave home? Adolescence itself is vague so teens try to define it via extremes in behavior (music, hair, etc) (Like boy without fathers who go to macho extreme)...
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