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4. Compromise – problem here is that one may be able to talk faster & think quicker, therefore compromise might not be as fair as one might be led to think initially (at spur of moment) 5. Take turns deciding (in family) 6. Husband is head of family – usually works best if used on rare occasion & when no other approach works. [?? But is it Christ-like??] III. WIN/WIN STRATEGIES (Everyone wins something) 1. Consensus – talk till you agree. Both believe differences can be examined. Both feel committed to relationship. If this is rushed or manipulated by one of members, it may be superficial. Takes time. (Look at pros & cons, make decision together). 2. Third alternative strategy – the problem isn’t what it looks like on the surface--more hidden, covert, unconscious--e.g. man wants to, woman doesn’t--may not be frequency of sex but relationship. Neither option is good – get a third. 3.
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