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Divorce, Remarriage, Single Parenting And Counseling How common? 1987 Harris poll – about 1 of 8 marriages. 2% of marriages break up each year Yet 1 out of 8 may also be misleading – higher rates of recent marriages offset by stability of older marriages. May be fewer people satisfied with mediocre marriages rather than more bad marriages. Most likely during first 5 years of marriage Divorce peaks during 4 th year, rate does not increase during midlife or after kids leave home. Among poor, desertion more common due to high cost of divorce (Avg $15,000 for all legal costs in Cal.) High costs after divorce: Divorced women – 73% decline in standard of living during year after divorce. Divorced men – 42% rise in standard of living. High emotional costs: Higher admission rate to mental hospitals (especially males – 10x higher, females – 5x higher)
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Unformatted text preview: Surprising since admissions are generally higher for females “No Fault” Divorce The reason divorce increased – the legal system changed. Why so strongly endorsed? Because past system was adversary system – required one to bring charges against other. Required court battle, resulting in fighting (even if they had been civil before). Good example: movie “Kramer vs. Kramer”. Money and custody of children become pawns in battle. Also many tried to get around stiff laws in one state by going to another. California began “no fault” divorce in 1970: Equal division of property Mutual agreement (not one accusing other) Support based upon ability to pay Custody decided in interests of child Family court – emphasis upon “cooling off” and marriage counseling. All or nearly all now have some form of no fault alternative....
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