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McKenna says past court system is wrong, but new system isn’t biblical either. Concludes that “no fault” is inevitable, but need to step in and help restore those considering divorce (via counseling). Preventive counseling Causes of Divorce Less divorce if couple has traditional, planned ceremony. Those who elope often are trying to escape parents (poor factor in marriage success) Honeymoon also lessens chances of divorce – relaxing without pressure. Many are just too busy to work on marriage. Lack of investment = lack of reason to stay with it. A key factor – change in reason for marriage: During last century the economic and family priority: Raise family, and help around farm. Centered on permanence and responsibility to family. Currently – happiness centered (with big dose of romanticism)
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Unformatted text preview: Self-centered (individualism) Expression of feelings may be blocked – getting feelings out into open is healthier than suppressing – but express without unhealthy extremes. Too many Christians don’t express negative feelings (think it’s sin). Better to get it out in open then forget it. Other reasons: adultery, abandonment, abuse, selfishness, loss of love, lots of other reasons. Marriage & Family become less valued as other institutions take on its roles (schools, clubs, etc.) More specialized, limited role of family. Don’t even eat together often Unrealistic expectations may result in divorce. A few divorces are due to neurotic difficulties, often resulting in serial divorce. Research has found 21 factors that tend to contribute to the likelihood of divorce: 1 2 3...
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