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familypsych-page77 - polygamy” Balswicks emphasize ideal...

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Christian view Standard evangelical view is 2 exceptions to rule against divorce. 1. sexual unfaithfulness (Deut. 24:1, Matt. 19:9) 2. Desertion (I Cor. 7) But not automatic: Hosea in O. T. had unfaithful wife but told by God to take her back repeatedly. Some suggest Jesus was strongly against divorce because only way to support self for woman after divorce was prostitution. G.K. Chesterton said divorce is a superstition – a marriage that can be dissolved is no marriage at all. Felt easy divorce was really another name for promiscuity. Others call it “serial
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Unformatted text preview: polygamy” Balswicks emphasize ideal of no divorce, but grace & forgiveness rather than legalism. Need marriage mediation (C. Donald Cole, MBI) Role of elders in N. T. Christian legal society is trying to get more couples to get help in churches before getting divorce. Team approach – pastor, layman & attorney. Seven Christian Views of Divorce (with five additional variants) 1 2 A B 3 A B 4 A B 5 A B 6 A B 7 Other Verses on Divorce:...
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