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familypsych-page78 - parent remarries Very angry toward...

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Children of the Divorced Loss of contact with noncustodial father 50% of kids haven’t seen father in past year. (CT) Only 16% see their fathers regularly. 1/3 of divorced fathers over 50 have lost all contact with their adult kids (Anderson, IN, Aug.19, 1991) Key study – Judith Wallerstein Second Chances (1989) Studied effects on kids for 10 years after divorce. Divorce hurts kids far more than the parents, and longer too. Daughters often select wrong spouses because afraid of being abandoned, so pick men they don’t mind losing or those they’re sure of not losing. Afraid to risk commitment. Sons constricted emotionally (bury feelings from parent’s divorce). Lonely, tend not to date much, extremely vulnerable to rejection. (both more likely to be divorced) How common are problems with kids of divorced? (10 years after) 37% consciously & intensely unhappy with past divorce situation. Even feel abandoned if
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Unformatted text preview: parent remarries. Very angry toward father, often refuse contact with father. 29% middle ground = depressed but coping. Some progress, but still unhappy at times due to divorce. 34% resilient and coping well, but many of these still feel unhappy & lonely at times about the divorce. Update (Konner book) most recent evidence indicates that much of the problems of these kids come from the conflicts present before divorce, but the divorce also apparently adds some stresses too (more the pre-divorce conflict than the divorce). How they learn about divorce is crucial – almost always it is a shock, rarely feel relief or see it as a solution. Often as much conflict after divorce. Sudden divorce causes greatest stress. (must also ask if contrived conflict is more than divorce) Percent of psychological problems in child: Parent-Child Relationship GOOD POOR Marriage GOOD 5% 25% Relationship POOR 40% 90%...
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