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5. dependence on external cues to act (passive) Problems with girls more likely later during adolescence: Extremely shy with buys or overeager (both to inappropriate extreme) more likely seeking attention if parents divorced, more likely shy if mother is widowed Most influence if lose father earlier in life. Custody of kids – in general, best adjustment if: Girls placed with mother Boys placed with father If above does not occur, more likely to benefit from remarriage. If problems with stepparent, usually it is with stepfather (but one study showed kids with stepfather as well adjusted as those with biological father). Often unrealistic expectations of
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Unformatted text preview: stepparent (over idealize biological father). Must not try to replace actual father. Single parenting Major increase Dec. 1991: 40% of all 1 st births are to singles! Less stigma to it Higher divorce Later marriage (don’t want biological clock to run out – about 40 for most women) Marriage postponed due to career, education. Average first marriage: 24 for women 26 for men Single parenting varies by race AA = 40% Hispanics = 23% Caucasians = 13% Need more ministries to single parents!...
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