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Single parenting – major issue today due to: Divorce Unwed mothers – 1995 update (FRC) 4 % decline in births to teenage mothers since 1991. July, 1993 stat: 24% of babies born to single mothers Dec. 1991 stat: 40% of first births conceived by singles. Church needs to give care for single parents – via special SS classes, include singles in family activities, etc. Fathering needed in church (Meier in preschool SS class) Advantages to Two parent family over single parent family: Teens tend to have more misbehavior and take more risks in single parent families. (Also less likely to have experienced an orderly life) Child abuse and neglect more common in single parent families.
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Unformatted text preview: [many other problems--see Barbara Whitehead and others] Nicholi report (Family Research Council) Emotional illness related to absent parent. Absence of father related to: (due to divorce, at job all the time, etc.) Low achievement motivation Less deferring of immediate gratification Low self esteem Higher group influence (herd mentality) and more juvenile delinquency Need to develop singles ministries, not leave them out. Discussion groups for kids as well as adults Big brother relationships needed. Textbook--ch. 13 Rate of divorce Additional predictors of divorce Process of moving towards divorce/separation 1 2...
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