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Let’s take a look at some other examples of negative externalities. The seat belt law has provoked many people to question whether government has a right to tell them they must wear a seat belt in an automobile, or wear a helmet on a motorcycle. The negative externality arises because of the scientific data that informs us that people involved in auto accidents that wear seat belts have less injuries than those that do not wear seat belts. We have also been informed that seat belts reduce fatalities associated with auto accidents. Society very often must pay for these injuries and deaths through tax dollars because many of the persons involved in injuries and deaths through tax dollars because many of the persons involved in these accidents do not have ample insurance coverage. Think about the medical bills, time missed from work, disabilities, and the care to be given to children that may be left behind in the event of the death of a parent.
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Unformatted text preview: The social burden can add up quickly. Of course, the same argument can be used for a motorcycle helmet law. Have you ever heard someone’s head hit the pavement, and see the head trauma that occurs? Buy a cantaloupe and give it a hurl onto the pavement one day for a graphic visualization. We have the technology to keep virtual “vegetables” alive today for an extended period of time. Who pays for this? Another problem: Federal Highway money is tied to seat belt compliance. If a lot of people choose not to wear their seat belt, Federal Highway Funds are cut off. Will state taxes be increased to meet the highway needs of N.C.? How will you feel 17 if your state income taxes are increased because a large group of citizens choose not to wear their seat belt? What if you are a highway construction worker that gets laid-off because of the loss of Federal Highway Funds...
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