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Again, we are not looking at death rates per 1,000 or per 100,000 people. I am only trying to point out the magnitude of deaths on our highways, and to look at a perspective that may be rarely considered. Our highways are certainly safer than a war zone relative to the number of people that drive on them! What would the net return (profit) to society be from a societal change in attitude behind the wheel of an automobile? Does society profit from automobile accidents and the injuries and deaths that occur
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Unformatted text preview: as a result? Think of the auto body shops, the undertakers, the medical personnel. How much is a life worth? How much should we spend in efforts to save lives? Is one person’s, or industry’s, gross return offset by the cost incurred by another? I think I may have stirred up a few thoughts. E-mail me, and let me read what you think. 22...
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