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From the data presented above, it should be obvious that unemployment is probably correlated with education level. This data suggests that on the average; the higher the education level, the lower the unemployment rate. The data above is for all members of the civilian labor force that are 25 years to 64 years old. Therefore, we might conclude that if you want to decrease the risk of being unemployed, or decrease the duration of unemployment, higher education appears to be a strategy the may prove successful. You have probably chosen to attend college for this reason as well as many others. I would also encourage you to examine a secondary strategy as well. Learn to do more than one thing very well.
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Unformatted text preview: While I was in undergraduate and graduate school at NCSU, I was employed as an automotive and equipment mechanic with a mid-sized construction firm in Raleigh. My mechanical skills were developed through self-teaching and experience. A person can make a pretty good living as an economics teacher, and they can make a pretty good living as a mechanic as well. Where is it written that you cannot achieve a higher education and learn a trade as well? You have a great deal of control over you own destiny when you have a personal tool box of diversified skills and abilities. Here is one place you can begin, or add to, your tool box 26 your tool box....
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