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6 6 The Institution of Private Property u Ownership of most property is held by individuals or groups of individuals (corporations, partnerships, etc.). u The state is not the owner of productive resources that are important forms of property . How much land does the state and federal governments own in this country? Who owns the principle passenger rail system in this country? How many people are employed by government in this country. It is true that most property in this country is in private hands, but the government owns productive resources as well.
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Unformatted text preview: We are considering the degree of government ownership or government ownership of productive resources relative to private ownership of those resources. Does the government own and/or control too many resources, or too few resources? Well, that is up to you. How? Through the political parties and candidates you support and vote for, you can affect the institutional structure of the nation and ultimately the type of economy we employ. Informed voting is one of the duties of citizenship....
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