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12 12 Free Enterprise and Free Choice (An Extension of Property Rights) u Workers are free to enter any line of work for which they are qualified, and consumers can buy the desired basket of goods and services that they feel is best for them. “Workers are free to enter any line of work for which they are qualified.” Sounds fantastic, but we all know that our history is jaded with the exclusion and under-utilization of certain demographic groups of our work force. Pure capitalism does not care if an individual is female, male, white, black, green, red, yellow, blue, Italian, African, Mexican, Brazilian, Iranian, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc. Pure capitalism implies that an employer hire the best person for the job. The person that will maximize profitability for the enterprise. We should now start to understand why government agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission were created. Why Affirmative Action and anti-discrimination policies were developed.
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