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42 42 Rationing Process What to Produce? Consumers Producers Distribution Financial Physical Organize Prodtn. Process Functions of Any Economic System Payment to consumers for the resources provided Payment to consumers for the resources provided When owners of resources sell those resources, we know they receive a payment. Most payments go through the financial distribution system. When producers buy resources from consumers, a payment is made. Often that payment is made with a check. Where does the consumer go to transform that
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Unformatted text preview: check into MONEY ? Right, the bank, a financial distribution system. When you are paid for an honest weeks work, you receive a check that you usually take to the bank and deposit or cash. When you are a little short of funds, the bank can often provide you a loan to tide you over. How do corporations raise money to conduct their business? They can sell company stock in the stock market. Again, a financial distribution system....
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