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lectur8-page29 - pigs to feed out to slaughter You check...

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What is the opportunity cost of feeding farm raised grain to hogs? u The value of the corn if sold in the open market. Assume the Accounting (production)cost of corn = $2.50 / bushel Assume the Current market price of corn = $3.50 / bushel Let us assume that you are harvesting your corn crop for the season and are considering selling the corn in the current cash market, or buying some feeder
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Unformatted text preview: pigs to feed out to slaughter. You check your accurate farm records and determine that it has cost you $2.50 per bushel to grow this corn crop. Assume the current cash market price for corn is $3.50 per bushel. If you hold the corn and feed it to hogs, what does each bushel of corn fed cost you?...
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