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lectur11-page41 - The three shots constitute a “group.”...

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How would you call out the location of this three shot group? X-Axis Y-Axis Above you see a “target” that will be used to sight in or “zero” a rifle. You see a vertical and horizontal axis. Each square grid you see represents a square that is one inch by one inch. The black square in the middle of the target is where the y and x axis intersect each other. Graphically, their intersection point is called the origin and has the coordinates (0,0). Thus the term “zero” the rifle. Three shots are made and printed on the paper target.
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Unformatted text preview: The three shots constitute a “group.” Find the center of the three shot group and you have located the point of impact. What are the coordinates of the center of this three shot group? If you answered (3,2), you are correct. You have also told the person firing the rifle that there point of impact was three inches to the right of zero, and two inches above zero. The person firing the rifle now knows how to correct the aiming device to bring the firearm to “zero”...
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