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51 The Slope Price 8 6 2 3 Quantity demanded per unit time (3,6) ( (3,6) ( x 1 , y 1 ) (2,8)** ( (2,8)** ( x 0 , y 0 ) Any two points can be used to determine a straight line. The slope of a straight line is constant. Therefore, any two points on a straight line can be used to calculate the slope of a straight line. Above, you see two points on a straight line identified. Point (2,8) and point (3,6). You see two asterisks next to point (2,8). The two asterisks indicate the point that I have chosen to represent “home plate.” When we hit the ball in baseball or softball, we always run FROM home plate TO first base. That is the rules!
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Unformatted text preview: The slope is defined to be the change in y divided by the change in x. Point (2,8) is home plate, so its “generic” coordinate becomes (x ,y ). Point (3,6) is first base, so its “generic” coordinate becomes (x 1 ,y 1 ). The slope = (y 1- y ) / (x 1- x ) = (6-8) / (3-2) = -2 / 1 = -2 If your head spinning, then try to remember the following: We always run from home plate to first base. Home plate is designated as 0, and first base is designated as 1. Slope = (y I am going TO - y I am coming FROM) divided by (x I am going TO - x I am coming FROM)....
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