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4 Production Possibilities a. You are a well rounded person. b. You are a little dull at a party, but you are all right. c. You are a little ignorant at a party, but you are all right. Doing some of both is a good idea, but the proportion of each will be related to the final outcome. The “correct” proportions of each will lead to a “well rounded person.” What is the “correct” proportions? Well, that will very with
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Unformatted text preview: each individual. Many people learn by trial and error. Some people just seem to have a plan worked out that is best for them. Some people never do learn the appropriate proportions of each, or learn them at a later stage in life. Anyway, I hope that you are understanding that there are tradeoffs that we must confront, and some of those are confronted on a daily basis....
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