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58 What Are Basic Wants? v Single wide mobile home? v An old used vehicle? v Potatoes and Macaroni and Cheese? v Clothes from the Factory Seconds Store? v ???????? What do I mean by basic wants? Well, we need some shelter. A cardboard box is all the shelter that some folks have, but here we will assume this to be a single wide mobile home. Transportation? Feet or a bicycle are pretty basic, but we will assume an old used motor vehicle.
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Unformatted text preview: Food? Well filet mignon is not basic fare. We need some calories from carbohydrates and/or fat and some protein, some minerals and vitamins. Potatoes and macaroni cheese are pretty basic. Well throw in some Ramen noodles for a little pizzazz. Clothing? Good Will and the Salvation Army can provide some functional used clothing for us. Anything else for our basic survival?...
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