Fig 7 6 p 175 seasonally changing winds the monsoon

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Unformatted text preview: Monsoon Monsoon wind system India and eastern Asian monsoon other monsoons Fig. 7-10, p. 178 Mountain and Valley Breezes valley breeze mountain breeze The nighttime mountain breeze is sometimes called gravity winds or drainage winds, because gravity causes the cold air to `drain' downhill. Katabatic Winds Strong drainage winds: steep slope Katabatic winds are quite fierce in parts of Antarctica, with hurricane-force wind speeds. Bora: a cold, gusty northeasterly wind along the Adriatic coast in the former Yugoslavia Chinook (Foehn) Winds Chinook winds--warm and dry compressional heating chinook wall cloud In Boulder, Colorado, along the eastern flank of the Rocky Mountains, chinook winds are so common that many houses have sliding wooden shutters to protect their windows from windblown debris. It is called a Foehn along the leeward slopes of Alps. Fig. 7-14, p. 180...
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