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Unformatted text preview: earch, is named after George Hadley. model for a rotating earth Hadley cell Many global circulation terms, doldrums including `trade winds' and subtropical highs `doldrums', were named by trade winds mariners who were well acquainted intertropical with wind patterns. convergence zone Upper troposphere easterly is westerlies inconsistent with the observed polar front westerly polar easterlies Threecell Model Fig. 7-21, p. 185 semipermanent highs and lows Bermuda high & Pacific high Icelandic low & Aleutian low Siberian high Average Surface Winds and Pressure: The Real World The Bermuda High frequently brings hot, muggy weather to the eastern US. in summer The ITCZ shifts toward the north in July (from January) Fig. 7-22a, p. 188 Fig. 7-22b, p. 189 ITCZ, midlat...
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