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8 Necessities Versus Wants We think of food, clothing, and shelter as necessities. Are they? Many of us even think of a motor vehicle as a necessity in this day and age. But what do we REALLY NEED? If you think about it, not much. Try to think or the difference between a need and a want by asking yourself if you will die if you do not have the commodity. Yes, die. Let us take a look at food. We need food and water to sustain our bodies. But, do we need a rib- eye steak. No, we do not need a rib eye steak. We need calories, protein (amino acids), minerals, vitamins and water. We can meet our nutritional needs with a very limited diet and survive. We do not need highly processed
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Unformatted text preview: frozen food products that pop in the microwave and result in an instant meal. We need some clothing if we are going outside on a blustery January day in North Carolina. But, do we need a Carhart jacket? I don’t think so. We want a Carhart jacket, we don’t need it. We need some shelter from the elements, but a 3000 square foot brick ranch on 2.5 acres is not a need. It is a want. A single wide trailer will suffice. Heck, a 12 foot by 12 foot log cabin chinked with mud worked well for many American pioneers facing harsh winters across the upper mid-west. The Plains Indians made do with buffalo hide tee pees. A motor vehicle? Is it really a need?...
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