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t03-a(v02)_cacl3_94160_20111114mon_f11.docx // page 1 of 1 TALLAHASSEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE MAC 2313-94160 / CALC3 / FALL2011 LAST _____________________ TEST #03A / §14.7, 14.8, 15.1 THOMAS’ CALC 11 -th ed ET. FIRST ____________________ D.Jones / DATE of TEST: Mon. 11/14/2011 INSTRUCTIONS : Do all work & put all answers on the work-sheets which I am providing. Box your final answer. Do no more than 2 problems per page. Draw a horizontal line between problems on the same page. Write on one side only. Number each problem. Don’t write in the left or top margin. Draw axes w/ a straightedge. There are 6 problems on this part. Numbers 1 & 4 are worth 9 points each, and the other 4 problems are worth 8 points each for a total of 50 points. There will be 6 problems plus 1 bonus problem on tomorrow’s test (TEST#03B). You may use a TI 83 or 84 calculator, or its equivalent, to check your work, but all answers must be exact (and 10 digit calculator answers are NOT exact). After reading these instructions, put a check mark here: _____ . This is worth 1 point, but if you ask me what it means, it is minus 2 points!
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