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t04-b_cacl2_94159_20111129tue_f11(draft02).docx (page 1 of 1) TALLAHASSEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE MAC 2312-94159 / CALC2 / FALL2011 LAST _____________________ TEST #04B / §11.1, 11.2 & “Carry-Over” & Bonus. THOMAS’ CALC 11-th ed ET. FIRST ____________________ Instructor: D.Jones / DATE of TEST: Tue. 11/29/2011 INSTRUCTIONS : Do all work & put all answers on the work-sheets which I am providing. Box your final answer. Do no more than 2 problems per page. Number each page in the circle (top, right-hand corner). Number each problem within the margins on left-hand side. Draw a horizontal line between problems on the same page. Do not write on the back. Show work where necessary . Failure to follow instructions will cost you points! There are 6 problems and 1 bonus on this part, and each problem’s value is shown in parentheses. You may use TI-83 or 84 calculators, or their equivalent, to check your work, but all answers must be exact unless instructed otherwise (and 10 digit calculator answers are NOT exact). After reading these instructions, check here: _____.
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This note was uploaded on 12/30/2011 for the course MAC 2312 taught by Professor Jones during the Fall '11 term at Tallahassee Community College.

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