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[email protected], LLC. == SUMMER 05 == T1== Page 1 of 1. TALLAHASSEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE LAST ____________________ [email protected], LLC. TEST #1 FIRST ___________________ SUMMER SEMESTER 2005 ZILL CLASSIC 5 TH :: Sects. 1.1, 1.2, 2.1– 2.5 DATE Thurs., 5-26-2005 INSTRUCTIONS : There are six problems and one bonus problem. Each problem counts 17 points. The bonus counts 17 points. You must show work for credit. Do all work on the “worksheets” which I will give you. Write on one side of the page. Do no more than one problem per page of worksheet. Write absolutely nothing in the left margin. Write only the page number in the top margin. Box your final answer where appropriate. #1/7: Verify that is a solution of the differential equation , 1 1 x y x = 10 xy y +− = #2/7: (A) Is ( i ) a homogeneous equation in the sense of Sect. 2.3? If so, what is its degree? (B) Use the “substitution method” of Sect. 2.3 to solve ( i ). Assume that . Your solution 0 x > can be solved for y explicitly. Please do so. ( i ) ( ) 20 xy d xx d y += #3/7: (A) State the method you are using to solve the given differential equation.
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